Open Source Developers

We welcome open source developers to contribute to this project. All kind of contributions are welcome, including but not limited to bug fix, new features, new interfaces, tools, packaging, scripts, and even the core system.

Contributors (or their employers) own the copyright of the code, but all source code must be contributed under the Apache 2.0 license or a compatible license. We cannot accept any other type of work into the system.

Small patches can be submitted via the SourceForge project site and we will review and submit. To gain SVN access and become a serious contributor, please start with small patches :)

Current Active Developers

  • baccaharis: benchmark and application
  • bdl62: file system development
  • blogzen: Java specialist & GUI
  • brian.griffin: network system development
  • gnailzenh: network specialist
  • sergeyc: contributor
  • slruiz1: Windows platform
  • uggnohnuy: project lead
  • wonder.wddi: file system specialist
  • xwwx: testing & QA

Former Developers

  • jaseidman: Java & Python specialist
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